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This is the place where you will find all of the latest client photos, happenings, and updates from Modern Expressions Photography.  Please feel free to post comments, ask questions, and share ideas.  All are welcome. :-)

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The Photographer

My name is Tamra Hyde.  I have been married to my wonderful husband for 16 years.  We have seven beautiful children.  They were my initial inspiration for my photography and continue to be willing subjects. ;-)

I have been an artist all of my life.  Photography is just another medium, another avenue of expression.  I love developing my talent in more and more creative ways.

Mine- Sullivan Freshman Year- Utah teen photographer

My 15 year old, Sullivan, bleached his hair so I just had to take him out for an official Freshman year session. It has simply been ages since I have had him in front of the camera and he’s such a natural!


Mine- Growing up -Utah children’s photography

It’s not often I can get my boys in front of the camera. I was setting up for a session and I asked my 11yo, Ollie to test out my backdrop. I can’t believe how grown up he looks! Love my sweet boy!


Mine- Ruby 10 months- Utah Baby Photography

My spunky Ruby is 10 months old now. She is learning to sign and can definitely say NO by shaking her head and YES by nodding. She can stand on her own for a few seconds but it makes her nervous. She mastered climbing the stairs and is still working on going down. She can say Mama, Dada, Nuh Nuh(nurse), Dye Dye(bye bye) and tries to say the kids names though they all sound like Nyah Nyah.

New Fairy Attire- Utah Child Photography

My sweet Virginia braved the freezing cold to show you the new dress we have available for Magic Moments Minis this summer! So exciting! Watch for our ad in Hometown Values Magazing in March for a deal. :-)

Magic Moments Ahrana- Utah Children’s Photographer

Here is an example of some of they types of images you will receive when you book a Magic Moments Mini session with Modern Expressions Photography. Spring is coming! It’s not too early to book your session today!

Mine- Even big girls can be fairies! UT Child Photographer

I am finally finding time to edit some of my personal photos from last year. I was editing a new one of my daughter and noticed a distinct resemblance to one of my very first photo sessions with her when I was just beginning photography. I couldn’t resist making it into a photography progression post. We’ve come a long way baby! My daughter age 5 and age 12 (holy crap she’s only 12!).


Mine- Longing for Summer


Mine- Mini Me- UT child photography

I love this ragamuffin girl. She is wild and vibrant and beautiful. She’s my mini me!


Mine- Ruby 9 months- UT Baby Photographer

Ruby is 9 months old now. She is very adept at crawling, pulling to a stand and saying mama. She got her first tooth on Christmas Eve. She is a sweet, spunky, happy and active baby.


Winter Newborn- Utah Newborn Photography

I haven’t had many newborns this year so I was pleased to be able to photograph this sweet girl right before Christmas. She was a doll and slept so well. I loved meeting you little Io.